("50" Aftermath)



"Congrats to Mr. Photoshop himself, PERRY WALKER, for getting his first muscle-up the other day! Not to be outdone AMY HEFFERNAN got her first Pull-up this AM!"


Linds said...

CONGRATS to both Perry and Amy!!!

In regards to today's surprise wod..Although I usually am not a fan of surprises (at all) I accepted this one with great pleasure. Great job everyone at the 12:15!!

Also, good luck to all you lucky ones attending the 530!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Jessica said...

I know whose gigner leg that is creepin in the background....lmao cant belive you guys do filthy so often...shesssssh im gettin scared to join for the summer !!!

Dawson said...

Wow!!! Been checking out the CrossFit Games 2009 website throughout the day yesterday and this morning. The men and women competing are machines. It sounds like they are pushing harder than they have ever done before. Kudos to them for doing 5, yeah that's right... 5 workouts yesterday!!! That's just absolutely insane!!!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend here in periodic storming Kingston. Back to the grind tomorrow with a new appreciation to what Andrew puts us through and more inspiration than ever.