Overhead Squat * 15

(3 attempts to go as heavy as possible)

rest 10 min

5 Rounds for Time

6 Hang Power Snatch (95#/65#)
6 Burpee Box Jump "OVERS"


Sandra said...

I apologize to Andrew and the 8 am crew

At CFK childish behavior in the gym does not go unnoticed and I seem to be able to tap into my inner child with ease when facing box jumps.
I am sorry for the burpees I incurred on behalf of the class.

Dawson said...

Sandra no need to apologize. We all have our weaknesses and fears. Burpees only make us stronger and better.

But... Let us thank Janet for the wondeful burpee box jump overs. It took that workout to a different level. Definitely made it harder. I guess that's the whole concept for CrossFit. Constantly varied.

Great work this morning 8am group!!!

Sherri said...

Hmmm.. I see I have been MISSING some interesting things , not being at my usual 8:00 class?

SANDRA! What happened, sweet lady?! Janet---u making the rest of us look bad again?! Hahaha--you know I luv ya!

Be back to 8:00 classes next week


Sandra said...

hahaha... Sandra needs an attitude adjustment
and .... yes the jump overs were Janet's idea :)
Wish I had her long legs to jump with lol