WOD Wednesday August 5/09

( Can you guess which 2 CrossFitters these are!? check out the legs on the one for a hint!)

For you "Karen" for missing today's WOD


Power Snatch


150 Wall Balls for Time

*Thursday night drinks after the 715 class at boston pizza*
*Friday's 8AM and 12:15 class will be at fort henry*
*CrossFit goes to Picton Beach on Sunday - Details coming soon but will involve a workout in the AM and sun and sand in the afternoon!*


Crystal said...

I think I can feel paralysis setting in below the waist from yesterday's workout. I will let you know by tomorrow if I will ever be able to walk again :) Who's freaking idea was it to follow up 90 deadlifts with 100 squats???? Wait I know, the little evil elf in the Jesus shorts. Blast him.

Anonymous said...


Dawson said...

Sorry to "rain" on your parade but check out the forecast for Sunday. Can you say quicksand CrossFit?


As far as those 2 people in the photo... Not a clue. Andrew, if you drew this... can I have some of what you were on when you drew it. If someone else drew it... it's very nice.

Sandra said...

lovely art work..... at the risk of incurring motivational consequences I think the character on the left is "Andrew" ( dead giveaway the legs) - no idea who the character on the right is.

Linds said...

It will rain on sunday. You are going to have a shitty day..

Love Jeff 'The Optimist' Dawson

Dawson said...

Sandra. I can see how you think that the one on the left is Andrew. The flamboyant legs. Goes well with the Jake Gyllenhaall picture in the gym. Hahaha.

Linds... I only said what I said because I remember seeing that Sunday is supposed to be humid as hell with thundershowers and thinking to myself that I am probably going to get stuck tending to a lot of stupid drivers getting into accidents that day. So I'll be drenched with sweat and rain. Boooooo to that. FYI... playing in the rain is lots of fun.

Jessica said...

sorry andrew i cant make the 530 tongiht...the bearings on my wheel decided to come off my shitmobile so im stuck in battersea for the night....will be in tomorrow...if my luck improves that is...lol

Anonymous said...

Regarding the picture: The one on the left is Janet who is happy she has long legs and can leap, gazelle-like, onto tall boxes! The one on the right is a short member of CFK (we won't mention names) who is unhappy with the WODs where tall box jumps figure prominently. The shaded area on this figure's legs is the copious amount of blood from a missed box jump. Owwww.

Andrew said...

Suzanne 831
sherri 955
ellie 1131 rx'd
Sandra 1250
Heather 1611
Peg 700
Beth 1256
Janet 1136 rxd
Linds 927 rxd
Jess 1044 rxd
Ingmar 1110 rxd
Ngan 1114
Rory 639 rxd
Dawson 627 rxd
Pete 828 rxd
tanya 643
Ash 849 rxd
Kari Lyn 854
Walker 791
Karen 741
Serena 752
Tim 633