(One smart ass comment too many!)



Five rounds for time of:
7 Muscle-ups
21 Burpees


Sherri said...

Not too bad today--if you ignore the 132 degree weather! Why did I pick option #2 today? Cause I have to learn to LOVE RUNNING! Or walking--I think alot of that happened for me today in the WOD--haha--freaking HOT out there.....

Great job everyone--THAT was a hot one!

Sherri said...

Janet--do we have any jello shooters left from our crossfit party? May you please bring some for tomorrows WOD? Gonna be another scorcher--think we will need them to cool dwon with afterwards!


Sandra said...

What WOD is Janet coming to????
I'll switch classes to be supportive of Janet in tomorrows WOD- if she is sharing jello shooters! hahahaha

Great job 8 am crew - hot hot hot

Sherri. . . down deep your a runner! ;)

PW said...

Finally....evidence to show the brutality I face daily with Peg ;-)

PW said...

Finally....evidence to show the brutality I face daily with Peg ;-)

PW said...

That comment was so good I had to post it twice...sorry

I should really be thanking Peg for not watering for me last week!!

Anonymous said...

There must be a small tire behind you Perry. Peg doesn't have a mean bone in her body...she would NEVER do anything to hurt you or anyother person.....she's an angel!! I think this thing with Peg is all one sided...ALL on your side that is!

Peg said...

Perry , Perry! Spare the sledgehammer and spoil the child! That sledgehammer has forged you into the very fine man that you are today, the previous few weeks having been otherwise!

Anonymous, thank you for your kind words! You're absolutely right! I DON'T have a mean bone in my body but that sledgehammer?? Wow, it works wonders!!!!