(The pony tail says it all! Aggressively pulling under! Awesome Em!)


10 min to complete

800M Run
As many reps as possible - pull ups
200M run

rest 5 min

10 min to complete

200M Run
As many reps as possible - paralette pass throughs
800M run


Dawson said...

What a tough workout. I came pretty close to joining the few, along with Foisy, in the pukie club. Had to row instead of run due to my plantar fasciitis. Not a fun thing to have. I think the run would have been a little less taxing giving the upper body a little bit of a break. Oh well.

A couple of people have asked me about post-workout food consumption. When it should be consumed? What should be consumed? And quantity?

When it should be consumed... immediately after the workout. I know a lot of people are not in the mood to eat after a workout but this is when the muscles are most welcoming to the protein and carbohydrates.

What to consume... A good protein source (whey protein, turkey, chicken) and a high glyemic carbohydrate (banana, grapes, bread, bagel...). There have been different studies that agree with the consumption of fat post-workout and other that disagree. This will be a person choice. Fat slows the assimilation of nutrients into the bloodstream. Personally, I avoid fats post-WOD because I want to hit the muscles quickly with nutrients and amino acids.

How much to consume... It is all dependent on the workout performed and your body fat percentage. The higher you body fat percentage, the less carbohydrates you want to consume after a workout. Protein and carbohydrate content will vary from workout to workout. The longer the workout, the more protein and carbohydrate is required.

Then it's always wise to follow this up with a balanced protein, carbohydrate, and fat meal about 45-60 minutes post-workout. The muscles are still in recovery mode and waiting to replenish depleted stores.

I apologize for any spelling mistakes. Typing this on my iPhone and the stupid auto-correct sometimes changes words.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wod. Enjoy the wings at Raxx afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Dawson :)

My body fat percentage is ~18% & I want to sustain my current weight. I'm [now] doing yoga, CF, & ~2K run; x5+/week. This is new & I'm still trying to alter my diet to suit the increased activity but can't seem to shake dizziness & sugar cravings (not usual!). Should my blocks be different? I gravitate toward protein & Assume I should increase carbs and/or fat? But by how much & when is wise?

Muchos gracias!

Andrew said...

*First Number is Pull ups - Second is Pass Throughs

Serena 14/17 (RX'D)!!!!
Karen 18/12
Ellie 26/16
Dawson 71/32 (Row)
Mike K 10/23
Foisy 36/25
Linds 40/22
Jess 20/18 RX'D !!!
76/21 Rx'd
Rory 74/20 Rx'd
Jess 33/15 Row

Sherri said...


What a great pic--especially BLOWN UP! haha--you look mean as HELL!

Dawson said...

Heather... That's awesome that you're so active. How many blocks are you on right now per day? How many blocks of fat are you consuming per meal?

Since you are experiencing the dizziness you are probably using up more calories than you are taking in due to your increased activity level. In order to control that dizziness you are experiencing, you will probably have to double, if not triple or more, the amount of fat. Your current body weight should not change by increasing the amount of fat. You definitely DO NOT want to increase your carb intake. As far as the sugar cravings, they will go away eventually. They may even disappear when the dizziness is under control.

The dizziness could also be a result of detoxifying your body. If you suddenly cut out junk food and sweets, your body is looking for other sources for energy. This is where fat comes in. Fat is used as an efficient energy source because it is easy for the body to break it down. Now bear in mind you will ahve to keep on eye on the type of fat you consume. Choose products that are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Some saturated fat is good. Trans-fats are a definite no-no.

Ummm... if there is anything I left out I can add it later.

Anonymous said...

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