WOD Monday August 31/09

(Everyone seems to be enjoying the Run except Serena? why would she make such a gesture!)



30 Clean and Jerks for time (135#/85#)



30 Snatches for time (135#/85#)


Dawson said...

Classy Serena. Very classy!

Perry... I thought you would have taught her that those gestures are rude in Ontario. Gotta crap the whip dude. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Serena is the sweetest, most lovely person in the whole gym. No doubt in my mind. She is just airing out her finger!!!

PW said...

I think she's telling Andrew he's #1

Andrew said...

All times as Rx'd unless stated otherwise


Ellie 713
Harmer 1137
Tracie 1117 (55#)
Shae 800 (85#)
Sue 1138 (35#)
Pete 430
Rory 440
Kev 604
Andrew 316
Sherri 1204 (75#)
Karen 804
Beth 948
Jess 720 (95# - above Rx'd)
Jessi 754
Tim 1106 (Power Clean/Front Squat
Peg 434 (40#)

Crystal 539

Andrew said...


Kim 400
Ali 428
Kacey 454

Dawson said...

Those are some awesome times!!! Great work everyone!

Kacey said...

Being beside Ali and Kim working out you have to keep up or be left in the dust! They deffinatly push you to your max! Thanks girls!