Thursday September 17/09



For twenty minutes:

Do as many lunges as possible holding a 45/25 plate directly overhead. But.... everytime you put the plate down your must perform 10 burpees


Sandra said...

hahaha plate over my head I feel like I'm sinking into the floor - Don't like weighted lunges!

Kacey said...

God damn birthdays....grrrrr. I'll be there but NOT with a smile on my face!! Ha Ha

Dawson said...

Don't worry Kacey. It didn't look as bad as it sounds. Heh heh heh.

Ash??? Ash who??? We haven't had a person by that name in the gym for eons.

Ash said...

I am making my big cfk comeback today at 5:30 for the bday WOD Dawson! haha I can hardly wait for overhead lunges!

El said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! Sorry to miss your birthday workout, it looks like a good one.
I also wanted to wish "Good Luck" to anyone going to the competition this weekend. I'm sure you'll kick ass. Don't get injured wrestling on any couches ;)

Martha said...

Hey Ash, happy birthday.
we'll have a caesars when we get back from our trips!!

Dawson said...

Name Lunges/Burpees
Sandra ??/80
Heather ??/??
Sherri 133/50
Janet 153/40
Ngan ??/60
Julia 124/70
Ingmar 155/80
Tim 104/117
Ash 205/70
Kira 200/70
Erin 118/70
Evan 252/80
Kacey 195/70

good work everyone on a workout that looked pretty hard.