WOD Wednesday Sept 02/09

(Little person carrying a big person up a hill = fun)


200M Run
25 Deadlifts (225#/135#)

KB swings

25 Deadlifts (225#/135)
200M Run


Sandra said...

I'll take this WOD over THE HILL any day .... hahaha, hope I don't regret it :)

Foisy said...

I'm hoping you forgot to put a few minutes rest in between the different workouts. Or is this just wishful thinking?

Andrew said...

hahahaha wishful thinking foisy ... it is ONE workout for time

Dawson said...

Yeah Foisy. What were you thinking? It shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes and 2 pukes. Hahaha

El said...

I don't know what the hell is happening to me, but I actually looked at this WOD and said "oh, that looks like a good workout, I can't wait to do that" It's official, I need help! Laura and I will be doing it in about an hour at work today..I hope it's as fun as it looks....

Dawson said...

All I have to say is, "INJURIES SUCK!!!"

Everyone that was at the noon class today... AWESOME work guys and gals. All of you pushed really hard today and never gave up on a tough WOD.

Kim... try to take less drink breaks during a WOD. You are a machine and your times would be out of this world if you went straight through. Right now your times, as incredible as they are, are just to the atmosphere.

Andrew said...

Emily 1726
Tracie 2000
Sherri 1820
Ash 1645
Sandra 1730
Ngan 2150
Kim 1301
Foisy 1955
Janet 2020
Shae 1717
Heather 2030
Rory 1348
Pete 1618
Serena 1428
Karen 1604
Jess M 1940