(The aftermath)


"The Bear" (strict version!)

5 rounds for max load

7 Sets of the following sequence

Power Clean
Front Squat
Back Squat

*Bar can not be set on the ground until all 7 sets of a round are completed - touch and go only*


Linds said...

Ohhh The Bear...Well the name pretty much speaks for itself. Wicked effort today by everyone that took part in this beast of a wod. Beauty or Beast? I will let you guys decide. Great workout guys!

I would've posted a comment earlier but I was busy listening to my music..(which apparently fucking blows), while drinking some non-staple beverages (which were not healthy).

That is all.

Jess M said...

i think the back of my neck is bruised

Andrew said...

HAHAHAHA ... oh linds you make me laugh!
Weight posted is heaviest load in pounds

Sandra 45
Ellie 75
Linds 85
Jen 45
Stella 70
Kari Lyn 55
Harmer 75
Sammy 70
Jeff 65
Jamie M 65
Tom 115
Rory 130
Pete 140
Andrew 165
Foisy 145
Jessi L 85
Kira 65
Jess M 85
Michaela 90
Heather 75
Mel 35
Crystal 80
Serena 55