WOD Friday November 20/09

There will a few options for WOD's today so come in and see!

*Just a quick note regarding class times,etc ...*

As there are 3 back to back classes and increasing numbers in each class it is important that you arrive for class on time. The first 15 min of the class is for warm ups, the next 15 for the strength movements and the remaining 30 minutes is for set up, completion of the wod and tear down. Arriving late really effects your warm up which is an extremely important part of each crossfit class as it prepares you for the upcoming WOD.

If for whatever reason you can't make the 515 on time there is a 615 and 715 option to accomodate you. I greatly appreciate everyones understanding in this matter as I have your best interest in mind.

Thank you


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