WOD Friday November 6/09

(Pretty intense Miller!)


Shoulder Press

For Time

Deadlift (100% of Bodyweight)
Pull Ups


jess the tard said...

ahahah i look Wayyyyyyyyyyy too happy to be ripping the !@#$ outta my hands here...lol
also my arms are starting to look like they belong to a man hahahah

Sandra said...

love this WOD

Andrew said...

Nevia 1340
dan 1456
Tracie 1625
Janet 1128
Jaime 909
Sandra 907
dawson 615
Corey 1112
El 1109
Mel 1018
Foisy 912
Jenn 1107
Vic 1015
Linds 1102
rory 536
Andrew 341
graham 541
Karen 918
Crystal 1144
Maria 1120
Kim 1136

Dawson said...

Holy crap! Impressive numbers everyone.

Thanks to everyone who decided to participate in today's team workout. We had 2 teams of 3. And it was a close one. I don't remember the exact numbers but the team of Sandra, Em & Crystal narrowly beat out Katie, Graham & Sara(h). The WOD was as follows:

Row 3000m as a team
while 1 person is rowing the other two must perform:

Thrusters (45, 65, 95#)
Farmer's walk 100 ft (32# KB)

They were able to switch between exercises whenever they wanted.

Everyone pushed hard, lifted alot of weight and walked quite a distance. Awesome job!!!