WOD Friday December 4/09

(If you join CrossFit Kingston you can learn to levitate like Tim)


Friday choice day!

Tomorrow's WOD will be at Fort Henry Hill. Meet at the bottom of the hill by the visitor info booth at 11AM sharp! It is supposed to be snowy/wet tomorrow so bring hiking shoes or cleats if you have them!

Tomorrow night - 8PM! Be at Grizz!!


Gay Paris said...

Levitate and marry a Playboy model...whooo hoooo

Laura Breck said...

What's the choice? I try to follow along with what I can the days I can't make it in.

Vic said...

There's no choice! We were voluntold which WOD to complete...nice try Mr. Burns.

Dawson said...

Oh there is always a choice Vic. You just have to approach Andrew in a different way...

"Excuse me Mr. Burns. I appreciate the fact that you have my best interest in mind and you are recognizing my potential as an athlete but I was going to focus more on __________ (fill the blank with weightlifting, metcon, or gymnastics, etc.) today. This way it will make me a more balanced athlete."

It always works. Give it a try *snicker*