2010 was a pretty good year. I have seen a lot of people get PR's on lifts and during WODs. And the smile on your faces as you got the PR's I will always remember. I have also seen a lot of people clean up their eating habits and made drastic changes in their physical appearance while still maintaining a great level of fitness. I am proud of each and every one of you. Simply amazing.

Unfortunately, some bad luck was bestowed on some of you this year. Rest assured that you have not, and never have been, forgotten. We think about you every day, in getting healthier and stronger and in hopes of returning to CrossFit Kingston for the "good times". You are a warrior and your return makes CFK what it is.

Now that we are in a new year, 2011, let's continue to change our lives by becoming stronger, faster, and healthier. Let's set a few goals for ourselves and crush them. Set yourself a one-month, three-month, and 6-month goal. Whether it be a weight you want to lift, a gymnastics movement you want to perform (an unassisted strict pull-up for example), a fast time on a WOD (sub-5 minute Fran for example), a specific body weight, etc. The world is your oyster on this one. If you have more than one goal then jot it down and let's work together to attain that goal and more! Let Andrew, Pete, and Dawson help you acheive these goals.

Let's make 2011 the year where we play hard, play safe, respect one another, and, most importantly, help each other out. We are a family (as seen with all of the generous donations as of late). Let's keep it strong! If you are new to the family, don't be shy to introduce yourself to the seasoned athletes and learn from them. If you have been in the family for a while, let's welcome the new athletes with open arms and show them what it's like being in the CFK family!


Tom said...

Cheers to all

Ellie said...

Beautiful sentiments...must've been Perry.. :)
I'll be the first to put my goals in writing and hopefully set a trend..
Six month goal- fix my squat and hit a back squat PR of 190# or more (currently at 170#) and 21 unbroken kipping pull-ups
Three month goal 180# back squat-15 pull-ups
One month goal 175# back squat-7 pull-ups
Looking forward to a fantastic 2011 with all of you!

Anonymous said...

I thought Andrew wrote it while he was still drunk on New Years but then I checked out Dawson's Blog and it all made sense.

Ellie said...

ahh, Dawson, of course! Why didn't I think of that?

SamuraiMark said...

As a newb, I'll just say I really enjoyed my first 3 mos. with the CFK crowd, and I look forward to more. Props to all the trainers and everyone else who has helped me out.

What are YOU doing in 2011? I will:

* spend more QUALITY time with Sarah & Tara
* spend more time visiting family & friends
* finish moving into my home!
* reduce my debts by 20%
* get my motorcycle license
* complete another 1.5+ credits of my BA
* help bring the World to Kingston in July
* run a few races, lift some heavy(er) shit, and kick Fran's ass (relatively speaking)
* go to more local live music shows

I ran the KRRA Resolution Run 8K yesterday. Off to a good start!


Andrew said...

I am going to write something sentimental and put dawsons post to shame ...