"I have a job to do ... but so do you"

When you start a new job, take up a new hobby or join a new sport there is a learning curve. Sometimes this learning curve is very steep and involves a lot of extra time and patience and other times things can be learned quickly and easily. The gym is no different. Olympic weightlifting, power lifting and crossfit all involve complex movement patterns that take practice and patience to learn. 
During every class there is an instructional phase in which movements are demonstrated and practiced. It is your responsibility to pay attention and listen during this phase. I know how to do these movements so I am not going over them for my benefit. My job is to help you with your lifting/fitness and to help you achieve your goals. If you choose not to pay attention you are not only affecting your ability to reach your goals but you are making the rest of the class suffer as time is being wasted repeating things that were explained minutes earlier. We aren't sending a man/woman to mars here folks we are talking about knowing some basic movements and the difference between a snatch and a clean. If you struggle with this stuff take 2 min and do some very simple research. I doubt you would go into a job after 3 months and continually ask your supervisor how to complete a task you have done almost daily. It's obvious that you care about you fitness as I see how hard people work on a day to day basis so why sell yourself short. I am here to help/motivate/encourage you but in the end its about taking responsibility for yourself and YOUR fitness!

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a useful link for people who aren't familiar with all of the lifts, etc...that are done at CFK.