WOD Wednesday March 2/11

(Sorry ladies I couldn't resist posting this pic courtesy of the CrossFit Football site!)



3 X 2 @ 65%
3 X 2 @ 70%
2 X 2 @ 75%
2 X 1 @ 70%
2 X 1 @ 75%
1 X 1 @ 80%
2 X 1 @ 75%

3 Rounds - 3 min on - 3 min rest

5 Wall Ball (throw ball as high as possible)
7 Sandbag Zercher Cleans


Foisy said...

First to comment and I'm speechless. Great Form!!!

Foisy said...

Just noticed the wod....haha Damn thats a lot of cleans.

Kate Doyle said...

I think this is a very realistic photo of what CFK is really all about. I personally love working out in my underwear along with these two very lovely ladies...
And even more so, I love working out with a partner. Although Emma doesn't always hold me up physically nor does she work out in her underwear, she certainly is there for me mentally... !

Way to go boss, you really nailed it! :)

Emma said...

what?..i thought that was a pic of us katie...
but i suppose neither of us is blonde..pretty understandable why i didn't catch that right away.