WOD Wednesday April 27/11


Power Snatch - 70% X 3 X 5

A- Pendlay Row X 5 (40-50% of DL)
     Pull Ups X 10 (Strict)
     rest 20 seconds

B - 21-15-9
     Sit Ups
     Lunges (each leg)

*Don't forget about YOGA at 715pm tonight!!! see you there!*


Unknown said...

Ahhh... The days when I was in shape. Oh the memories. hahaha

Unknown said...

Post WOD fuel WOMEN:

Above 16% - 20g PRO; 20g CHO
12-16% - 20g PRO; 30g CHO
Below 12% - 20g PRO; 40g CHO

Post WOD fuel MEN:

Above 12% - 30g PRO; 20g CHO
8 - 12% - 30g PRO; 40g CHO
Below 8% - 30g PRO; 60g CHO

% = body fat

Eat a balanced PRO, CHO, FAT meal approx 1 hour after the post-WOD meal.

(PRO - protein; CHO - carbohydrate)

Examples of CHO @ ~10g:
approx 2 oz sweet potato, yams, squash

Anonymous said...

the days when you were in shape, you have issues dawson!