WOD Tuesday November 22/11

Pull Ups 5 X 5 - NO KIPPING - Add weight if needed

A - 5 Sets

Pendlay Row X 5
Hollow Rock X 15
1 min rest

B - AMRAP in 12 min

5 Pull Ups
10 KB Swings
15 Ball Slams

*We will be having a little Christmas get together on December 10th (8PM) at the Grizz. If there is enough interest I will order appetizers etc so sign your name on the sheet posted on the door if you can attend. Thanks! *


Matt said...

Boo I'll be in Belleville on the 10th. That's two in a row I'll miss. :(

Unknown said...

All appetizers will be Paleo and VEGAN!!! Hahaha