Tuesday March 27/12

Hang Clean X 2 - work up to heaviest set
then 70% X 2 X 2

A - 4 sets

Turkish Get Up X 2 (Each Arm)
1 min plank hold

B - 4 rounds

7 Thrusters
25 Mountain Climbers
250 M Row OR 200M Run

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kmor said...

Hi Everyone,
When I came out of the 6:15 class tonight (Tuesday March 27th) and my black Berkinstock single strap sandals were gone, but a different identical pair were left in the front hall. My keys were placed on top of them and they were sitting between the filing cabinet and the door to the gym (below the pictures of members)

If you have them, yours are still at the gym and can be swapped!

Thank you!!

Katherine M