Monday December 17/12

"When we play, we play to win" Lee and Ali
Whether it is a hawaiian themed Xmas costume party or the Foundry Athletics Food Drive Throw Down they won't settle for 2nd place!

If you missed it on Friday this is the last week for the food drive! Peg threw the gauntlet down and challenged anyone to match the 30 cans she brought in Friday. Here is what happened on just Friday alone ... Peg 30 cans, Rob 30, Chenier 40, Burns 50 and Lee/Ali 60! Even if you don't want to jump into the challenge please give generously this week! I am also taking any $$ donations for the food bank as well. Thanks again!

Structrual - 3 sets - 1 min

Tri/Lat Stretch

Strength/Lift -

MAX clean - power + full until 70%

Strength/Conditioning - 4/5 sets

Ring Pull Ups X 5-8
KB Swing X 20
Inch Work Walk out X 8

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