WOD Friday March 20/09

(Climbing Pull ups)




PW said...
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PW said...


here are the girls written out


Dawson said...

Sandra, were you running straight today?

Sandra said...

why yes Dawson I do believe I was running straight today!!! hahaha always with a little swagger :)

Andrew said...

Perry did not seem to notice the link from the home page that sends you to the "girls" workouts

Anonymous said...

sooo, I did 'Angie' at the gym today..and was wondering what would be a good time!?

Dawson said...

Linds. Completing it as prescribed is a great feat in itself. But as far as a time frame goes it's really difficult to narrow down what a good time would be. What really counts is how hard you went at the workout (pushing that one extra rep out when your muscles are on fire and limiting the amount of breaks and length of breaks). Since you're looking for a time I think anywhere from 25-32 minutes would be great. At least that's what I saw for times from other women who performed this WOD.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dawson! It definately hurt, and I went as hard as I could..despite the stares and weird looks! The gym just isn't the same as Crossfit, obviously, but I finished it and it felt damn good ! Definately not the same without Andrew/the crossfit gang for motivation though!

Andrew said...

Great effort today! Had some very interesting (and BRAVE) "Girls" WOD choices!

Kelcy 14 rounds + 10 Push up
Crystal 14 rounds + 10 Push up
Ngan 13 rounds + 2 Push up
Alix 14 rounds
Beth 10 rounds

Heather 18:49
Sandra 16:06
Dawson 9:06

Kim 35:09
Jeff 33:11
Ali 34:37

Stella 23:42

Pete 14 bench + Pull up 99

Andrew 11:16

Randy 32:49
Preston 29:08

Perry 6 + 7th Run (51 Pull ups)

Shannon 25:55

Serena 7