WOD WEdnesday March 25/09

(army strong front and center .. ;)


AMRAP in 20 min

5 KTE/Ball ups/Skin the Cat
10 DB Push Press
15 Steps Walking Lunge


Dawson said...

What??? The army allows muffins in it? I thought there was a screening process. Whoda thought. Heh heh heh.

Sandra said...

too bad I missed today - sounds like lots of fun ;)

Sherri said...

was a blast today! Not sure about the other 8:00am ladies? But that kicked my BUTT TODAY! (I hope some of it fell off..)I found that one extremely difficult--and I am paranoid about smashing my head with those freakin DB's!! My arms are weak as hell...it is a real possability!!!

Anyone else??

(PS: Lesson Learned Today??? I can hold that squat position a REALLY LONG TIME if I fantasize out loud....hahah)

Dawson said...

Sherri the pain doesn't last too long when you squish your head like a grape between the DBs.

Andrew said...

Walking lunge group

Heather 11 + 6 PP
Sheri 11 + 5 KTE
Crystal 11+5 KTE
Tracie 9
Dawson 7 + 1 STC
Emily 9
Erin 9
Stella 13 + 5 KTE

100M Sprint group

Andy 12
Ali 10 + 10PP
Serena 12
Kirsten 7 + 6 PP
Perry 8
Beth 12
David 13 + 2 STC
Foisy 5 + 1 BU
Tanya 9
Alix 11
Andrew 8 + 3 STC (sub pull up for PP)