WOD Monday April 27/09

(The birthday girl Bear Crawling!)


Today is a special WOD for Tracie's Birthday! (Pic to come soon! - having some internet issues today)

"Great Ass in 39 min or less"

39 reps of each

Medicine Ball Cleans
Step ups
Sit ups
Man Makers
Walking lunge (39 steps total)
Split Cleans

*once all exercises are completed*

50M Squat Walk
800M run


Alix said...


Sandra said...

most heartily agree!!!

Dawson said...

Amen sista!!! Oh. Wait a second. I haven't had the pleasure to do the birthday wods. Darn tendinitis in the elbow. At least that's the story I'm sticking to.

Andrew said...

Heather - Max (run)
Sandra - Max (squat walk)
Crystal - Max (30 Burpees)
Tracie - Max (Thrusters)
Ngan - Max (Burpees)
Nate - 2400 (20 reps)
Janet 3743
Olga 3652
Kim 2949
Jeff 3450
Justin - Max (thrusters)
Ali 3654
Shan 3754
Tanya 37554
Alix 3352
Beth 3852
Foisy 4313
Serena 4342
Jess 3553
Erin 3958
Rory 3300
Dave 4029
Foisy 4140

Alix said...

What a feat it would've been for me to've finished that joy of a workout in 3352. Thanks for the time-boosting typo, Andrew!!