WOD Friday June19/09


In Teams - Complete 6 Rounds for Time of:

250 Row
10 Ball Slams
10 Squat Jumps (45#)
10 Ring Rows

*Congratulations to LINDS for getting her first CHIN UP/PULL UP yesterday!!! I would have put her pic up but she would have killed me ... which basically means I will put it up tomorrow anyways. CONGRATS AGAIN LINDS!*


Linds said...

Thank you Andrew...for both the congrats and also not posting a picture of me/my very unattractive pullup haha!

Dawson said...

Congrats Linds!!! Even though I don't get to see you workout often, the times I have seen you, you have shown great improvements. Keep it going!!!

Holy leg burner today batman! Great crew inthe morning class. Neck in neck. Great competition.

Linds said...

Thank you Dawson! And yes, leg burner is right...those squats burned haha