WOD Thursday June 18/09

(Here we go again!)


4 Rounds for time

"The 'modified' BEAR"

4 Rounds for time

Squat Clean
Back Squat    
Rack Jerk

Perform this sequence 7 times for each round.
 Rx'd Weights for each round - rd 1 (85#/45#)
                                                       rd 2 (95#/55#)
                                                       rd 3 (105#/65#)
                                                       rd 4 (115#/75#)

Rest 3 min between rounds


Perform 2 Clean and Jerks every minute on the minute for 15 min @ 80% of your 1 RM


Jessica said...

OMG! have fun with this one cats!! did this a million months ago my body ached for weeks!
thank the ginger for it...lol

Ingmar said...

Okay, I officially sucked at todays WOD and I hang my head in shame. Hopefully I will be more energetic next week...at least my ribs all stayed in place though...

Andrew said...

And the winners of the 100 Double Under challenge were

Jeff Dawson 54 sec
Jessi Lamore 2:06

Dawson said...

Hahaha. Too funny Ingmar. I'm still pretty tender by the sternum and the muscles spasm quite often. And my neck is REALLY sore from smoking it on the puke bucket.

Andrew... I thought I wasn't included in the 100 double under competition.

Andrew said...

I just said that so you wouldn't try very hard, hahaha