WOD Thursday June 3/09


6 Rounds (20 min time limit)

30 Squats
10 Chest-to-bar pull ups
5 Power Clean and Jerks


Dawson said...

Gotta love working out in jean shorts. Did we take a step back to the 80's? Oh wait a sec... he'd have leg warmers too.

PW said...

I am sure we could get Alix to dig up some pics of a cfk'er that wore leg warmers in the 80's. Her name starts with a P and ends with EG...lmao

Dawson said...

I know of one person that comes in the morning that owns some. Unfortunately she is in the toronto area for the next few days.

Alison said...

If you're talking 80's there needs to be some leotard action - with sweat bands

Sandra said...

Could it be that Dawson and Perry are envious of the leg-warmer look??