WOD Monday July 20/09

(We were smiling because it was OVER!)


Row 500M
40 Squats
30 Sit ups
20 Push ups
10 Pull ups


Back Squat


Dawson said...

Here's a question for everyone... How do you like your toilet paper?
Do you like it so the sheets come over the top?
Or do you like it so it falls along the wall?

Jessica said...

hey andrew when is a good time to come in tomorrow? Id like to come in the PM if possible as I have to unpack all day....
let me know!

Lindsay said...

Can somebody please explain to me this toilet paper question??

Crystal said...

Dawson, Over the top. I have slight OCD when it comes to this, so only over the top in my house.

Lindsay said...

over the top

Andrew said...

did i miss something here? why in fuck are we talking about wiping our asses? lol

Dawson said...

I'm with you Lindsay and Crystal. I have a pet peeve when it comes to that. I mean, how would you like to have to reach under the toilet paper to get the first sheet and by doing this you scrape your nails against the wall. Talk about disgusting. All the spray from the toilet after you flush it accumulating on the wall. Sure I wash my hands but I don't carry a brush to clean under my fingernails. Then later on in the day you break a nail (and you don't have nail clippers immediately available so you have to bite your nail) or you're just a compulsive nail biter. You get all the gunk and grime in your mouth. Mmmmmm...... Now I really want to kiss you.

Over the top for me too.

Martha said...

I think I'm going to change all the rolls to "along the wall" in this house. Every time they're "over the top", they'll be switched. How long until you snap Jeff?

Lindsay said...

wtf!?!? where did this come from Dawson!??

Sandra said...

Martha, does Dawson behave like this after every competition??? lol - any issues with the seat??!!

On another note - How was the wod this morn?? looks like fun ;)

Crystal said...

Dawson, that is a whole other level of compulsion that I have yet to reach. When I get there I'll let you know, then go check myself in for some therapy and meds :)

Dawson said...

Lindsay... I was sitting on the john (not on John, Andrew, we know how your mind works), I took a look at the TP and I wondered what other's point of view would be with this issue.

Martha... Pack your bags!!!

Sandra... The seat has to stay down. Martha is so small that she'll fall right in the toilet. As for the workout goes today... Heh heh heh *devilish laugh & grin* I thought it looked "fun". Too bad I'm recovering. *note the sarcasm*

Crystal... Working in the medical profession has opened my eyes to ridiculous stuff like that. And I'm not crazy.

Kacey said...

Well Dawson you have a few good points that I never thought of while using a bathroom... I'll be changing to the over the top! Ha Ha See you all tonight @ the 7:15 class!

Sherri said...

Interesting question Dawson--

My Dad was a FREAK about the toilet paper! HE ALWAYS MADE US put it on the roll, so the paper came down the BACK. We were actually reprimanded if we put it on, coming OVER the top? He would take us BACK UPSTAIRS--point to it, and make us CHANGE IT!
As you can imagine? 1) I do not spend much time with Dad. And 2) I always put the paper on OVER THE TOP NOW--just to damn well spite him!Even though he is not looking.....


Hilarious topic guys!

Andrew said...

Ellie 648
Janet 656
Jessi 535
Suzanne 1158
Emily 648
Sherri 714
Caity 911
Sandra 747
Ash 542
Andy 610
Perry 526
Rory 535
yes you read that correctly he actually got 1902 and we almost called an ambulance ... hahaha