WOD Tuesday August 25/09


Olympic Weightlifting Total

3 Attempts for a Max lift

Snatch 1-1-1

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1


Linds said...

I want a snatch like hers!

PW said...

That's WAAAAAY to easy Linds...lol

Andrew said...

I concur with Mr. Walker ...

Linds said...

You would Mr. Burns ..both pervs.
What, you guys don't appreciate a beautiful snatch?

Dawson said...
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Dawson said...

Linds... They don't appreciate the snatch cuz they'd rather lift something else. All I can say is Perry likes the lighter & white things and Andrew... Can you say "brokeback"?

Linds said...

light and white eh Perry!?

PW said...

D-Man to the rescue, the CFK Knight in shinning amour...lol

Let the little girls stick up for themselves why don't ya!!

PW said...

Linds, don't make me ridicule you on the msg board please..lol

Linds said...

little girl? really though!?
and i'm done haha

PW said...

Its a term of endearment Linds, not meant to be an insult.

Glad you have some common sense, now we have to work on D-Man...he's fighting a losing battle...


Disclaimer - This comment is not directed towards or implying that any female at CFK is a "ho".

Linds said...

Ohhh I get it, the term of endearment comes BEFORE you call me a ho hahaha

I know I said I was done...I lied.

Jessica said...

sorry guys my car decided to stall on me three times today ...one of them being er route to the gym...sooo yeah couldnt make it in...will see yall tomorrow!

Andrew said...

Ellie 185
Sandra 95
Foisy 360
Jamie 340
Kev 330
Perry 280
Andrew 375
Serena 140
Jessi 165
Linds 170
Crystal 210
Beth 170
Harmer 300
Dawson 360