(Some fun at the "Guy Show" a few weekends ago!)


"Tabata This"

Tabata Row

Tabata Squat

Tabata Pullup

Tabata Pushup

Tabata Sit-up

There is a 1 minute rest between rounds.


PW said...

Whoa....strong men who are afraid to kneel on cold concrete...lmao

Anonymous said...

This WOD is beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

Is that a diaper Jessi is holding and is it so Anderew doesn't crap on the poor unsuspecting guy crawling out from under neath his human flag?

Crystal said...

Is Jessi tearing a phone book in half??? What a lady!

Linds said...

I dunooooo, but blue shorts is extremely happy about something...

Maybe it's this fabulous wod?! hahaha
That was for you Perry.

PW said...

Thanks Linds...someone else is trying to steal your thunder by saying "this wod is beautiful". I think Mr. Burns was bored and trying to fire things up...lol