WOD Friday October 2/09

(Everyone loves Burpees)


With a continuously running clock perform

1 Burpee the first minute
2 Burpees the 2nd minute
3 Burpees the 3rd minute ...

Keep going until you can't complete the required number of burpees in the minute.


Dawson said...

Andrew... My guess is you'll make it to 5 minutes. If you even do the WOD. hahaha

Andrew said...

HAHAHAHA ... I have done 2 WOD's in a row now Mr.Dawson! I may even make it 3 but probably not, hahaha ... I am an Olympic lifter still remember! But I appreciate you having so much confidence in me to get 6 burpees in a minute ... I would have thought you would have only made it to 4 min. You are getting close to 250lbs now aren't you?!

Dawson said...

217 thank you very much. I'm liking getting fat and I'm going to take my fat ass to Cape Town and enjoy pounds upon pounds of billtong. Hmmm... How much billtong are you going to enjoy?????

I'm happy to have reached my goal for pull-ups before I can barely support my weight on my legs. I can't wait to enjoy all the Zone-friendly and Paleo meals on the airplanes. Mmmmm... Airplane food. I hope it's something spicy so I can sit in my seat with the air on high and fart all the way to Paris then Johannesburg. I'll be busting a gut both literally and figuratively all night long.