WOD Thursday October 22/09

(Miller rocking the swings)


Alternate between

1 min of back squats (115#/75)
1 min of Pull Ups

You continue until you reach 100 squats and 100 pull ups.


Kacey said...

Wow...am i ever looking forward to this ass kicking at 8:00 am!!! Question...should you eat a light breakfast before coming to work out and then more after, or just eat your whole breakfast before?? Dumb question I know... but I've never crossfitted in the early hours before.

Foisy said...

Eat a HUGE breakfast, I want to see more puke's up on the board. I'm very lonely in the puke category.

Linds said...

I puked in my mouth during yesterday's wod, does that count?

Sandra said...

I personally have a snack about 1 hr before.
then a substantial meal after.
Works for me - I can't seem to handle a WOD on an empty stomach.

Kacey said...

Thanks all! See you at 8:00 am!

Andrew said...

Linds 320
Tom 361
Jamie M 270
Foisy 303
Sandra 223
Ali P 288
Jessi L 357
Pete 367
Rory 374
Kim 315
Jenn 205
Michaela 300
Ryan P 221
Perry 238 (3 rds)
Tim 285
Crystal 294
Beth 219
Serena 248
Erin 259
Julia 260

Andrew said...

sorry those are yesterdays scores from FGB ..posted in the wrong section

Jessi said...

Another wonderful article, this website overall is fantastic!


Sandra said...

marksdailyapple - interesting reading - I'm not an Oprah fan, She carries way too much influence for a woman who takes life in snippets.

Glad I'm in Crossfit!!!

Crystal said...

Brandon, I forgot to thank you for all your encouragement during last night's workout. So, Thank you, eventhough you almost killed me with the sneaky extra 20 lbs.