WOD Thursday October 29/09

(Remember this pic Sherri!!??)



"Fuck being 40"

For time:
40 Box jump, 24 inch box
400M Run
40 Jumping pull-ups
400M Run
40 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
400M Run
Walking Lunge, 40 steps
400M Run
40 Knees to elbows
400M Run
40 Push press, 45 pounds
400M Run
40 Back extensions
400M Run
40 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
400M Run
40 Burpees
400M Run
40 Double unders
400M Run

There is a time limit of 40 min to complete the WOD

*Please Dress Up in your best costume for tomorrow's halloween WOD!* Maybe prizes for best costume?


Peg said...

Happy Birthday, Sherri. You'll be famous after this WOD! Infamous, more likely!

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Sherri.
BD WOD's gotta love em!!

Dawson said...

Happy Birthday Sherri!!! You and your love for running. Hahaha

PW said...

Happy Birthday Sheri.

This work out should be called "Filthy's Slutty Cousin"
that one hell of a shitty wod

Andrew said...

I like the alternate name Mr. Walker

Anonymous said...

Kate Said:
I am turning 56 shortly!! I am not comingin that day to do 56 of anything.............

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday Sherri!!!

Love you and your sexy ass:)!!

Linds said...

Hope you enjoy you bday wod.."filthys slutty cousin" haha.

P.S Hotttttt pic, will you sporting similar attire for your halloween costume!?

Dawson said...

That's ok Kate. We'll make you do 56 of everything the next time you're in after you're birthday. We won't forget. Heh heh heh *devilish laugh*

Tasha and Emily said...


You are what the french call 'Les Renards' haha

Love you!!!!

Tasha and Em!

Sherri said...

O M GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha-- I sent that pic to Andrew LAST YEAR--as my 'after shot'! haha--cannot belive he remmebred that! Perry--great work!! I am sure everyone will be able to go FARTHER than I did today?! Hacking phlem and choking? But I still got ALMOST to wall balls! Someone finish that bitch!!!! Hope to see you all tomorrow night for a cocktail or TWO! Rough WOD---THANKS ANDREW!!! Damn running!!!!!!!!!

Andrew said...

Had our first finisher in the allotted 40 min time cap!

Kim knocked it out in 39:42! Congrats Kim!

Sandra said...

YEA KIM!!! :)

Andrew said...

"Les Renards" is a fox ;)
(I had to google it, lol)

Sherri said...

YAY KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dan said...

Happy birthday Sherri. your not alone in the love for running lol...had a great workout this morning could you turn 40 everyday?