WOD Wednesday October 28/09

(Happy 28th Birthday KARI-LYN!)


As Many Rounds as Possible in 28 minutes

4 Climbing/Clapping Pull ups
8 Clapping Push Ups
12 Box Jumps


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Kari-Lyn

Kacey said...

Great picture Andrew! I think Kari-lyn isn't even using that band anymore!! Good going girl! Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I'm missing your birthday workout!!

Sandra said...

arms . . . . sore!!
gota love BD WODS :)

Linds said...

Enjoy that wod..my body took an extra special beating, but it was a good one..as always!

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday, Kari-Lyn!! You are so YOUNG!!!!!!!!! (Says she--on the eve of her 40th----)


Jess M said...

happy bday my hwy 8 friend! wis hi had some moose light limes for your big day!! oh well i paid my dues ripping up my paws for you tonight!! lol