WOD Friday December 11/09

(Box jumps can hurt ... unless you are prepared ;)


Friday Choice Day! (they all include burpees, haha)


Sandra said...

so was yesterdays' X-Files devote Martha??

good luck in the challenge everyone!

Crystal said...

Found a good link for those taking vacations over the holidays

Kacey said...

If someone could text me at 613-539-6363 what time I need to be at the gym for the challenge on Sat. I don't have a WORKING computer at home...Grrrr... so I can't get back on the internet after I leave work tonight!! Thanks see you tomorrow!!

miller said...

kacey if you even check this were supposed to be there for 1130 but im coming at 1120 hhaha im always late..lol hope you get this and see you tomorrow!!