WOD Friday February 19/10


Friday Choice Day

The results are in for the Nutrition Challenge!! Congrats to ALL who participated and EVERY PERSON that undertook the challenge and saw it through to the end increased their CF Total and decreased their baseline WOD! The top 3 competitors and their prizes are as follows:

1st Place - Free One Month Membership - Mike McKale
2nd Place - 1 HR massage certificate - Jaime McMahon
3rd Place - CFK clothing - Lindsay Howden

Awesome work!


Dawson said...

I want to congratulate everyone that took on the nutrition challenge. Your dedication and hard work really paid off. Not only did it show in your performances but your physique too. You should all be proud of what you accomplished. Great work everyone!

Jaime McMahon
Weight: lost 5 pounds
Waist: lost 1 inch
Hips: lost 1.5 inches
Body fat %: dropped 3.16% (approx)
Baseline WOD: 1:57 faster
CF Total: lifted 10 pounds more (could have gone heavier but injured herself)

Kim Torgerson
Weight: lost 2 pounds
Waist: lost 1 inch
Hips: lost 1. inches
Body fat %: dropped 2.1% (approx)
Baseline WOD: 0:17 faster
CF Total: lifted 10 pounds less (did a lot of front squats/cleans and Fran the day before)

Lindsay Howden
Weight: lost 5 pounds
Waist: lost 1 inch
Hips: lost 3 inches
Body fat %: dropped 5.25% (approx)
Baseline WOD: 1:14 faster
CF Total: lifted 40 pounds more

Martha MacGillivray
Weight: lost 5 pounds
Waist: lost 3/4 inch
Hips: lost 1 inches
Body fat %: dropped 2.1% (approx)
Baseline WOD: 0:10 faster
CF Total: lifted 5 pounds more

Mike McKale
Weight: lost 9 pounds
Waist: lost 3.5 inch
Wrist: no change
Body fat %: dropped 8% (approx)
Baseline WOD: 1:11 faster
CF Total: lifted 60 pounds more

Sandra Woodhouse
Weight: gained 3 pounds (all muscle though)
Waist: lost 1/4 inch
Hips: lost 1.5 inches
Body fat %: dropped 3.89% (approx)
Baseline WOD: 0:21 faster
CF Total: N/A

There were 3 others participating but haven't done the final WODs.

Regardless, everyone made dramatic improvements. I am very proud of each and every one of you!!! YOU are what makes CrossFit Kingston what it is.

Dawson said...

And if anyone has any objections to me posting the results... TOO BAD!!! Hahaha. Just kidding. Fire off an email to me and I will remove it.

Kacey said...

WOW Congrat's to you all!! Please don't have Dawson remove your results! They should be up so others can see your dedication and hard work!! To see them gives the rest of us proff that good eating habits and working out hard DOES give great results!! Great job again!!

Jaime said...

Congrats Mike & Lindsay! Fabulous work, amazing results! Good work to everyone else as well! I'm amazed at what a difference proper nurtition makes - definitely going to keep this up!

Peg said...

I worked out with Sandra this week and she is one strong lady! Great pic, Sandra! Nice muscles!!!

Tom said...

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