(Real men wear tight, 3/4 sleeve shirts?)


Clean Complex

1 Deadlift
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Clean

Do the heaviest set you can - you have 25 sec to complete the complex

4 Rounds :

Every 5 min you must

Row 500M
3 Cleans 

Your score is your heaviest 3 cleans completed in the allotted time


Unknown said...

Post WOD fuel WOMEN:

Above 16% - 30g PRO;10g CHO
12-16% - 30g PRO; 20g CHO
Below 12% - 30g PRO; 30g CHO

Post WOD fuel MEN:

Above 12% - 40g PRO; 10g CHO
8 - 12% - 40g PRO; 25g CHO
Below 8% - 40g PRO; 40g CHO

% = body fat

Eat a balanced PRO, CHO, FAT meal approx 1 hour after the post-WOD meal.

(PRO - protein; CHO - carbohydrate)

Examples of CHO @ ~10g:
1/2 banana
little more than 1/2 cup apple sauce
approx 2 oz sweet potato

PW said...

Sammy...you're looking like a machine buddy!

Jessi said...

Real men wear tight 3/4 length shirts and have lower back trap stamp tattoo's! no homo??

Andrew said...

I hear Marvin Hagler is coming out of retirement for a shot at this man.

PW said...

Has Jessi been cheating on her paleo and sneaking booze during her lunch breaks...lol