WOD Friday June 11/09

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Friday Choice Day!

"Everytime I see you I am cursing you because you put me through physical torture, I am sweating, exhausted, internally battling to keep holding on and asking myself why I keep doing this? I wake up the next day in serious pain, sometimes I can barely function, but can't wait to go back for more. That's love right there!" - Ashley O'Brien

Good summary of CFK I think in a message I got from Ash Today ... Thanks Ash!

Reminder that tomorrows class is at Fort Henry ... We will be meeting at the bottom of the hill my the visitor info booth


Matt said...

The 2010 USA Weightlifting Nationals are being streamed live. Great way to kill a day in the office.


Unknown said...

What a great summary of CFK Ash!

And Per... Errr... I mean mystery person. Sere... errr... you're better half must be a very lucky lady. Now I have more to be jealous of you about.

Anonymous said...

That's Perry? Respect.