Friday August 27/10

Yesterday our beloved Jessi thought she would be funny and announce to everyone at the 5:15p class that she saw me going into Cynthia's on queen street.  She was apparently out for lunch with a friend at the Wolfe Island Bakery when she saw me walk down queen street and into Cynthia's.  Unfortunately Jessi was mistaken and might need to have her glasses prescription checked out.  She did see me walking down queen street, but I went into Bridal Creation to pick up my tuxedo because I am in a wedding this weekend.

What super sleuth Jessi didn't realize was that I had my people tailing her.  She made up this story about me as an attempt to take the heat off of herself and the real reason she was in that area of Kingston.  My people followed Jessi into one of Kingston's finest "establishments" and managed to get this photo of her without anyone noticing.

I have started the "Make It Rain Foundation" to help raise money for Jessi, I hate to see her dancing with the devil to make ends meet....anyone who would like to donate please email me. 



Unknown said...

Not only that, it sets a bad example for her daughter. I will donate to help get her out of that environment.

Foisy said...

What are your hours Jess?

Ty said...

I knew it!!!!!!!!!! So Jessi, this bachelor party is coming up and we need a "lady of the pole"

R u up for it? We will pay you in food stamps and such.


Dancin' V. Gina said...

OMFG!! Perry walker you are going to get it!
He is just trying to distract from people knowing his secret about his gaint black ass dildo's and butt plugs. Dont be ashamed perry, its natural..

Anonymous said...

What colour did you end up getting Perry ?

Anonymous said...

Dildos and butt plugs are natural for you Dancin' V. Gina???? HAHAHAHA

PW said...

Dancin' V. Gina...Great aka Jessi

I don't know what kind of freakish guys you've dated in the past but "gaint" or giant dildo's aren't natural for straight guys...sorry