Nutrition Challenge

"WHOLE FOOD Challenge"

Just a few things regarding the "WHOLE FOODS" nutrition challenge I want to talk about. Remember that this is a WHOLE FOOD challenge not a strict paleo challenge. You are free to include all full fat dairy. Unless you are great friend with a dairy farmer that will side step the law to provide you with unprocessed dairy you will have to buy your dairy at the store.
Is free range, grass fed meat better to buy ... of course it is. Does that mean that if you can't afford to or have limited access to this type of meat that you can't eat meat ... NO. If it is meat please eat it.
I have had a lot of people ask me about potatoes and if you can eat them. Yes you can eat them. Are sweet potatoes better to eat, sure they are. Does that mean you can't occasionally have baby red potatoes or make up some mashed potatoes with regular potatoes, no.
This challenge is about creating some healthy, realistic and SUSTAINABLE eating habits. I don't want people hating their life for 6 weeks because they can't have salad dressing or mayo on their lettuce wrap. If all you are thinking about is how you can't wait to return to your old style of eating you have completely missed the point of the challenge.
If you don't have time to make an elaborate "sauce" and you can't stomach the thought of eating another plain, dry chicken breast than put something on it. Be smart with what you choose ... you are trying to limit your sugar intake but if cooking your chicken in some italian dressing that has 2g of sugar per serving is going to make you eat it than use the dressing.
I'm almost done so bear with me ...
The other question I am getting is with regards to portion size and what to eat at each meal ;
Always try to include a source of protein, carbohydrate and fat in eat meal. You don't have to weigh and measure as that is neurotic and you will become insane and your will worry constantly. (This is my opinion and I do not have a PhD or published thesis to back up my claims ... I just think you will lose your mind if you have to worry about carrying a scale and set of measuring cups everywhere!)
A really easy way is to look at your plate ... about 1/3 of your plate has a protein source, 2/3 of your plate is carbs and there is something containing fat.
Our ultimate goal is to be strong, healthy and feel GREAT! Having "super awesome" abs but getting pinned under a weight you easily cleaned 2 weeks ago means you are just getting weaker, not healthier.
Let's make this about what we CAN and SHOULD eat not what we CAN'T eat!


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