WOD Tuesday May 10/11


Come on out and enjoy the sunshine today for today's WOD!!

A - Partner Prowlers

B- Sleds/Sandbags

*If you have any shoes/boots/shirts/jackets in the front entry way or the lost and found box you have until Friday to claim them or they will be donated to the Salvation Army - Some of the items have been there for months so please claim them if you want them*


Foster said...

Tuesday WOD Option #2

Who wants to come over to my house and help me pull brush and stack wood from our poor fallen (massive!) willow? Now that I am so strong, Jay makes me WORK! ;)

Foster said...

I have beeeeeee - eeeeeerrr...heehee

Crystal said...

Ms. Foster,

I would be more than happy to take a few large logs off your hands. I have been looking for round (18-24" high)logs to make a couple end tables. If you have some you want to part with please let me know.


Foster said...

Absolutely...they are willow. I will post pics on fb later and you can see if you like. jenniki brimaid is the secret fb name...:)