WOD Monday November 21/11

(A pic Jess took ... who does it resemble!? post thoughts to comments !)


Hang Snatch X 2 (working up to 75%)

A - 5 Sets -

      2 Front Squat + 1 Jerk X 2

B - 3 Rounds

      250 M Row
      20 Box Jumps
      20 Wall Ball


Anonymous said...

no one cares

Anonymous said...

What is Julius Caesar doing in Kingston??

Matt said...

Actually it kind of looks like Andrew's icon just above. Those flowing locks.

Otherwise, I'm going with Haird. Gotta be Haird. Or Dawson. Both of them with a wig.

Rob said...

Kinda looks like the way I felt after that last Prowler/Tire Flip WOD... ;)


Tones said...