Thursday March 22/12

(Hope all is going well future DR ... you better still be working out!)

Do you want fitness? Sure you do. I know the problem, though: you are intimidated. You are intimidated because when you go to the gym, there are people bigger and stronger than you. When you run, there are people faster than you. When you play sports there are people better than you. But guess what? Fuck them. Fuck all of them. This is not a competition.
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Front Squat X 3 X 5

4 Sets

Turkish Get Up X 2 (each arm)
rest 30 seconds
Paralette Planche Support X 30 seconds
rest 30 seconds
200 M Sprint/15 Lunges (each leg)
rest 30 seconds
Single Arm DB Press X 4-6
rest 30 seconds

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Anonymous said...

Last time I saw him he was looking fat as shit