Thursday October 18/12

Strength/Structural 1

Pendlay Row
*After each set 1 min lever plank*

Strength 2

Floor Press
*After each set DB Curls X 12-15

Conditioning - 4 sets

Active Hang X 30 seconds X 2
Evil Wheel X 8-12
Man Makers X 8-12
Double Unders X 40-50 or 1min30sec practice


Corey said...

DB Curls!? Pfffffftttt... Why not just add in more kipping pullups to strengthen your bi's?

Tom Meers said...

DB Curls at CFK I never thought I would see the day...What's next long distance running? ;)

Anonymous said...

Apparently CFK is under new management ... I heard they were installing mirrors.

- superherowe

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post something to say thank you to my fellow crossfitters for giving me an experience at a gym that I've never had before. It has been my pleasure to train with all the different athletes that push themselves to their full potential all while encouraging everyone else thats there to do the same. I also want to thank the trainers Dawson, Tait, Perry and Brandon who are always willing to give there advice on techniques, nutrition or just words of encouragement. Mr. Burns who's mood swings can sometimes resemble that of a woman who's friends in town; but aside from all of that he clearly has a passion for what he does and not only does he have a great deal of knowledge about all aspects of his job but he pushes each person to their full potential all while watching to make sure everyone is still lifting in a safe manner. Thanks again and I'll drop in for a workout when I can or when I need a really good push. Take care all.
Cheers, Hairdy

PW said...

It was a pleasure Beast....but I'll be seeing you a little more frequently now...if only for a few months...hahaha