WOD Thursday, Dec. 4/08

400M Run
50 Squats

5 Rounds for Time

(Dress for the weather everyone!)

(Solid Deadlifts Perry!)


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to mention anything anymore about where it does or doesn't hurt. Almost met Mr. Pukie while running round 4. Curse you Andrew!!! *as I pump my fist with anger* (and a little sarcasm to go with that.... OK. A lot of sarcasm)

Andrew said...

Awesome effort to everyone that turned out to face the wind, snow and COLD for today's WOD. Some great times as well!

Perry - 20:18
Kim - 17:48
Dawson - 16:25
Andrew - 16:22

A special mention to Kim who did all 5 sets of 50 squats in UNBROKEN SETS!

(Hey Dawson, does it count as puke if only water comes out? round 4 run ... hahaha)

Andrew said...

2 More great efforst

Ali - 18:17
Pete - 19:47

Anonymous said...

After todays WOD I could finally straighten my left arm - and now I can't again ;)