Tuesday March 17/09

(The ladies working hard as usual!)


With a partner, complete:

5 Rounds, for time of:

275# Deadlift, 5 reps
7 Box Jumps, 34 inch box
100m Sprint

One partner rests while the other completes their round


Dawson said...

You know a workout is good when you have difficulty trying to get off of a chair.

Great work today Sandra. My rest periods got shorter the further ew got into the workout. Way to push hard!!!

Sandra said...

hahaha my second day "fuzzy" into a WOD and box jumps to boot.... dear Dawson you are a patient man to have me as a partner. :) thanks for your encouragement. I was just trying to keep up. lol

I still got my push-ups to do!!

Andrew said...

what Sandra is trying to say here is don't come to CrossFit HUNGOVER! haha ... interesting that this comes on St.Paddy's Day! Be interesting to see who rolls in tomorrow feeling "under the weather" (self included, hahaha)

Andrew said...

Great workout yesterday everyone!

Sandra & Dawson 11:47 (100#,20"/rx'd)
Ellie & Janet 13:14 (155,23/125,27)
Alix & Alix 10:34 (110,20)
Pete & Andrew 10:20 (Rx'd/Rx'd)
Beth & Kuvvul 15:37 (185,20/185,27)
Erin W & Tanya 13:02 (95,20/155,20)
Linds & Jess 10:49 (125,24)
Foisy & Perry 14:04 (rx'd/Rx'd)