WOD Friday April 6/09

(Photoshop Perry Strikes again ... Dave on a little R&R)

"The Vessey"

Run 800M

75 reps of each

Box Jump
Pull ups
Push ups
Sit ups

Run 800M



Anonymous said...


Dawson said...

Holy crap!!! That pic is effing hilarious!!!

I'm sitting here at my work's headquarters having my mind numbed with boring lectures. Yawn!!! Whoulda thought I would rather do this WOD than sit on my ass all day.

Good luck everyone!!!

Andrew said...

so basically we are almost doing "Angie" with some extra running and a box jump/lunge combo instead of squats ... thanks Dave this looks like a lot of fucking fun, hahaha ...(sorry about the language but it emphasizes my anger/sarcasm toward today's WOD)

Anonymous - I couldn't agree more!

PW said...

Hard...shit, this is insane and border line torture.

I guess after the years of Dave having drill instructors punish him and make him run, etc...he's now doing the same to us.

I hope I don't see Dave today, I am tempted to drop kick him from the top of the pull up station...lol

Kacey said...

I love the picture!!! Very creative!

Linds said...

can we still run if its raining out?!

Peter said...

Great workout Dave, at the start i could have punched you right in the face... "straight shot". but as the workout progressed i realized i was to fatigued to do anything at all!! haha.
And my apologies to Stella, for whipping you while you were on the rower.

David said...

I can feel the love all the way through the screen :)

Just to be clear, I'm not the original author of "The Vessesy" (way to spell Andrew). It was a WOD we did at CF Ottawa last summer.

Glad you all enjoyed it!

Sherri said...

Who ARE you, DAVID!! haha--that was brutal!! Damn it---why dont you show your face at one of our 8:00am WOD's? A few of the 'ladies' and I would LOVE to meet you--let you know how we really felt about this WOD?!


(You just WAIT until it is MY TURN to return the favour!! hahah--well done morning crew!!!!!!)

Andrew said...

stay tuned for CFK's newest movement, The "Vessesy" ... remember what happened last time someone made fun of my spelling!

Sandra said...

hahaha...... "punishment" for a spelling error!!
Andrew I was wondering when your antagonistic training style would resurface. :)

Andrew said...

Sandra 3118
Sherri 2946
tracie 3323
Crystal 3323
Pete 2510
Stella 2615
Kim 3039
Ali 3203
Foisy 3900
Rory 2826
Linds 3254
Jessi 3426
Shannon 3147
Serena 3023
Beth 5146
Olga 4444
Erin 4218
Andy 3243
Dave 2642