WOD Tuesday September 29/09

(Foisy hard at work during his birthday WOD)




Time to go HEAVY!

Please check the Calendar as Class times have changed and additional classes have been added.

There will be a new 7-8AM class M/Tue/Thrus/Fri
M/Tue/Thurs evening classes will be as follows 5:15-6:15,6:15-7:15,7:15-8:15
Wed - 5:15-6:15,6:15-7:15
Fri 4:30-6:30 Open Gym time (If not an unlimited member this still counts as one of your classes on a 2X or 3X a week membership - There will still be a posted/structured WOD for those who wish to do one)


Dawson said...

My first time back in the gym since Friday. Jessi... Great job on cleaning up the place. Looks great! I'm glad
you told Andrew to put the wicker thing in the bathroom. It would have looked a little off in the workout area. A little gay. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay. That would have confirmed my suspicions of Andrew. The brokeback picture, little sperm beneath the picture... Hahaha.

Sandra said...

Andrew - unable to book classes - planner not working.

Andrew said...

Great lifts today ! Everyone got new PR's!
E 260
Sandra 145
Serena 175
Stella 175
Mel 165
Linds 200
Jessi 175
Foisy 375
Mike 410
Harmer 410
Kirsten 195
Ali 205
Crystal 265
Karen 265
Tim 320
Jess M 250
Jenn 170
beth 225
Julia 165

Dawson said...

Holy crap people! Way to lift heavy! I see a number of PR's. Congrats! Be proud of yourselves!