(A man with eyeliner in his moustache? hahaha)


Back Squat

Tabata couplet
Back Squat (40% of best 3 RM)
Box Jump (24"/36")


PW said...

Mascara buddy....geez

Linds said...

im in love

Jessi said...

Honestly, this WOD will be easy as I can NOT feel my legs already...and it causes me great pain to squat low enough to piss.. sweeeeeeet! ha

Anonymous said...

Dear Linds, Pee-doo-boo is already taken!

Linds said...

thanks tips...Im in love with the wod

Dawson said...

Didn't know Perry was old enough to grow a moustache. Andrew must have shaved some of his "beard" and given it to Perry to glue on (a la Jackass movie).